World Poetry Day

  Department of English UG (Aided) celebrated World Poetry Day entitled Kavi Soozh Ulagu by the resource person Mr.B.Senthilkumaran, Government Kallar Higher Secondary School, Annaji, Theni (DT) on 21 /03/2022.

Bridge Course 2021- 2022

Student Induction Programs play an important role in enhancing student awareness and understanding of the key rules and responsibilities that support their effective transitioning to collegiate education. Nallamuthu GounderMahalingam College, Pollachi conducted a One Week Online Student Induction Program for the First year students of the College. The program was organised and executed by the…

Guest lecture


The Vellore Mutiny predated the Indian Revolt of 1857 by about 50 years. It erupted on 10th July 1806 in Vellore, present-day Tamil Nadu, and lasted only for a day, but it was brutal and shook the British East India Company. It was the first major mutiny by the Indian sepoys in the East India…