Placement Cell

Vision & Mission


  • To evaluate the students in the right perspective way, in order to make them understand the importance of academic excellence, so as to make them competent to face the challenges in the employment sector.
  • Moreover, we have to provide them a strong foundation for their employments and make them capable citizens ,an able Entrepreneurs in the country rather than mere employment seekers.
  • Closely watch and observe the student’s behavior inside the college campus and correct them whenever we find any obvious mistakes.
  • Bring out his hidden talents and potentials effectively.
  • Groom the students in their line of interest relevant to the academic studies as for as possible.
  • Make them understand the importance the college education, facilities and opportunities available to them so as to shape themselves in the right direction.
  • Instigate and educate them to set their goals individually from their hearts and not from their words of mouth.
  • Motivate them to achieve the goals namely short term and long term goals with the available resources.