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“Teach everyone his real nature; power will come, glory will come,goodness will come purity will come and everything that is excellent will come” – Swami Vivekananda

  • Introduction of Human Excellence Course to all First year U.G. Classes as on 02.08.2006
  • Human Excellence Course was approved by Bharathiar University under Value based Course as on 16.06.2008
  • Human Excellence Course for all six semesters was introduced as on 25.06.2008
  • National seminar on “Human Excellence” 19.09.2008 to 20.09.2008
  • New CBCS introduced, 6 – Credits allotted for Human Excellence Course 2008 – 2009
  • It is a man making process.
  • It provides training and exposure to youth for attaining right attitude and orientation.
  • It facilitates an inner adjustment to balance reason and emotion to excel in career, life and beyond.
  • It elevates to a higher level of excellence in all endeavors by training intellect and refinement of the heart.
  • HEC comes under part – IV, non – major elective.
  • It is a human empowerment process.
  • Human Excellence is a scientific and rational approach
  • Ensures Good health, Sound mind, Intellectual sharpness, character building and opens the door of job opportunities.
  • Results in individual peace, prosperity leading to family, social, national and global peace.


  • To Manifest the infinite Potentials
  • To Conserve Energy efficiently to achieve Excellence
  • To attain contentment of Life.
  • To realize the Life Goals.
  • Passion for excellence with right attitude


  • Personal values
  • Family values
  • Professional values
  • National values
  • Global values.
Faculty Profile
S.Jeyalakshmi M.Com., M.A.(YHE), (H.O.D.)
M.Kuppusamy M.A.,M.Phil.,(YHE), DVP
N.Panneerselvam M.A .(Eco), M.A.(YHE),M.Phil., DVP
P.Veerasithi Vinayagan  M.A.(YHE), DVP
S.Shanmughavadivu  M.A.(YHE), DVP
V. Settu M.Sc., DVP
T. Kalyani M.A.(YHE), DVP
P.Padma M.A.(YHE)
S.Maheswari M.A.(YHE)
R.Bhavanraj M.A.(YHE)
1 Personal Values I semester 09HEC01
2 Family Values II semester 09HEC02
3 Yoga Practical Paper -1 II semester 09HECP01
  End of first year 2 credits
4 Professional Values III semester 09HEC03
5 Social Values IV semester 09HEC04
6 Yoga Practical Paper – 2 IV semester 09HECP02
  End of second year 2 credits
7 National Values V semester 09HEC05
8 Global Values VI semester 09HEC06
9 Yoga Practical Paper – 3 VII semester 09HECP03
  End of third year 2 credits
  Total number of credits 6 credits

Achievement of the Department

  • Spiritual trip – Aliyar on 27.06.2007.
  • N.G.M. Yoga centre was inaugurated on 14.08.2007.
  • Human Excellence Course – extension up to third year from 2008.
  • Text books for six semesters were prepared and published in Tamil
  • English translation of first value is completed.
  • Translation of remaining text books are under process.
  • “Vethathiriam 100 ” – book was published during Vethathiri Maharishi’s Centenary commemorative function.

Research and Extension activities in the department Research:

  • S.Jeyalakshmi, (Asst., Professor) Studying M.Phil (YHE), project title “Solutions of Vethathiri Maharishi for World Peace” Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
  • P.Veerasithi vinayagan (Asst., Professor) Studying M.Phil (YHE), project title “Effects on Personality development in college students” Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
  • SIIMS – MBA Students Personality development programmes – 26.09.2012 to 03.10.2010 (II MBA) , & 15.10.2012 to 19.10.2012 (I MBA).
  • Staff Personality development programme on 15.12.2011 to 17.12.2011.
  • Staff Personality development programme on 13.06.2012.
  • Staff Personality development programme on 28.11.2012 to 30.11.2012.
  • Conducted class on ‘Manavalakalai Yoga’ @ N.S.S camp at R.Ponnapuram, Pollachi on 20.02.2012.

Student support activities

S.No Resource Person Topic Date
1 Dr.N.A.Perumal Kayakalpa 23.07.2007
2 Dr.N.A.Perumal Kayakalpa 24.07.2007
3 Dr.S.Lachumanan,
Director of Brain Trust.
Kayakalpa 25.07.2007
4 Dr.S.Lachumanan,
Director of Brain Trust.
Kayakalpa 26.07.2007
5 Dr. N. Rajkumar, Former Principal of NGM college The concepts of Personality development 08.09.2009
6 Prof. P. Nagarajan, Former Director of Human Excellence Passion for Excellence 14.09.2009
7 Prof.V.Susila, N.G.M.college Science and Society 02.02.2010
8 Dr. R. Muthukumaran, H.O.D. Of History, N.G.M.college Politics and Society 15.02.2010
9 Dr. Nanchiyan, Former H.O.D of Tamil, N.G.M.college Education and Society 08.03.2010
10 Dr. Amuthan, Honorary Professor of Tamil Dept., N.G.M.College. The Greatness of Indian Culture 05.08.2010
11 Dr. R.Kannan, HOD of Botany Ecological imbalance and solution. 04.01.2011
12 Dr. K.Nanchiyan, HOD of Tamil Cultural degradation and solution 06.01.2011
13 Dr.Amuthan Emergence of monoculture and solution. 18.01.2011
14 Dr.P.Badri Sriman Narayanan, Principal. Global terrorism and solution 07.03.2011
15 Dr.N.Rajkumar, Former Principal. Man is the cause and Man is the solution. 23.03.2011
16 Dr.Nagaraj, Deputy Controller of Examinations Time Management 17.08.2011
17 Dr.K.Perumal , Director of Vision Personality Development Course. 05.09.2011
18 Dr.S.Lachumanan, Director of Brain Trust. Evolution of Universe 11.01.2013

Quotations relevant to subject may be given elsewhere

  • The H.E. Brings all kinds of peace i.e. Personal, Inter –personal, family, social, National, International.
  • Conviction of the powers of goodness
  • Absence of jealously and suspicion
  • Helping all who are trying to be and do good.
  • Moulds good character, increase the strength of mind expansion of intellect by which one can stand on one’s own feet.
  • Purity, patience, perseverance and love and compassion are the common outcome.
  • Proposal for P.G.courses in future
  • Proposal for Major Project – “Human empowerment.”
  • Proposal for 3 days National Conference in HEC.

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