Dr.M.DURAIRAJU, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, PGDGC, Ph.D, Co-Ordinator

  • CDC was established in our college in the Academic year 2013-14 onwards
  • Tamil Nadu Council for Higher Education (TANSCHE), in accordance with its mandate for implementation in Universities and Colleges.
  • The Curriculum development process includes the design, development, implementation, evaluation and reviewing of curricula that are appropriate and relevant to the needs and interests of a developing nation such as ours, interacting in a globalized context.

Curriculum Development Cell (CDC)

  1. Dr. M. Durairaju, Zoology(co-ordinatior)
  2. Thiru. R. Nandakumar, Computer PG.
  3. Thiru. N. Bhuvanesh kumar, International Business, P.G.
  4. Thiru. S. Koteeswaran, English S.F.
  5. Dr. Rakkimuthu, Botany PG