Disciplinary Regulation

Disciplinary Regulation


Students must bring their identify Cards daily to college and they must wear the ID Card while they are inside the campus.


The College has introduced the proctorial system to ensure periodical monitoring of the Progress and attendance of each student of the College. Each member of the staff will bethe incharge of twenty students whose class room participation, examinations and behaviour will be under thorough scrutiny of the proctor. The proctor may require the parents to visit the campus for discussion about the academic performance of the student.


Students should earn 75% of attendance (67 ½ days)in every semester to become eligible to appear for end of semester Examinations.

If a students is absent for more than 22 ½ days in a semester, the principal can condone the shortage of attendance on valid reason up to a maximum of 10% (i.e 9 days) and for this the student have to pay the condonation fee.

Those students who fail to earn the attendance of 55 ½ days shall not be permitted to write the End of semester examination. How ever they will be permitted to go to the next semester where they have to compensate the previous semester’s lack of attendance and then only they will be permitted to write the both semester’s examinations.

Students absent for more than 45 days will not be permitted to write the End of semester examinations and they will not be permitted to go the next semester. In such case the student has to rejoin that semester during which lack of attendance has occurred.

The facility of compensating the lack of attendance will be given only once during the course of study and beyond that level the student has to rejoin the course.


  • No student should be absent from the college without leave.
  • Whenever it is possible, leave should be applied for in advance. When it is Not possible, leave should be applied for on the first day of his / her return to the College.
  • All leave applications should be written in the prescribed form and dropped in the leave letter box.
  • The Principal may require a medical certificate in the case of illness over a long period
  • Absence without leave for any particular hour will count absence for half-a-day
  • The Principal may take appropriate disciplinary action in the case of continued violation of leave rules.


  • No student who has been convicted in a court of law for disloyal activities or who has detained under Defence of India Rules or Restriction and Detention ordinance 1944, shall be admitted or readmitted into the College without the previous sanction of the Director of Collegiate Education.
  • Students should abstain from active participation in party or communal politics.
  • Principal or other constituted College authorities may frame and issue from time to time the disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct, in and outside the College premises, of students on the rolls so far as such rules seem necessary to maintain the reputation of the College.
  • Principal or other constituted College authorities shall have full power to inflict the following punishments in the interest of the students or the institution concerned: fines loss of attendance, forfeiture of term certificates, suspension and expulsion.


The Tamilnadu prohibition of ragging Act No. 7 of 1997 is in force and hence the Ragging is prohibited inside and outside the college.

Those who get involved directly in Ragging by any means such as teasing, abusing, playing practical jokes etc. causing physical and mental disorder will be dismissed immediately from the College and they shall be punished for a period of two years of imprisonment or more along with a fine of Rs. Ten thousand.


Any student who is having any grievance with respect to academic / personal matters redress it by addressing to the principal through his/her Tutor/HOD/Grievance reprisal committee or by directly meeting the principal. Grievances with reference to financial implications will be forwarded to the Secretary for redress. Students can also address their grievances to principal by dropping the appeal letter in the suggestion box kept in various points in the college. Later the principal will call the particular student and will redress the grievance.


All the students of the college come under an insurance coverage, under which they are eligible to claim reimbursement of the actual cost of treatment in an authorized hospital.

Disciplinary Regulation

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