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The Postgraduate Department of English was started on 16th July, 2001. Since its inception it has been nurtured with great commitment and dedication. The Department has been a successful and vibrant collective of the best academics specialized in the areas of New Literatures, Language Sciences, English Language Education and Media Studies. The syllabus is an eclectic blend of papers from different knowledge areas – literary and non literary, revised annually to keep abreast of the changing trends in the contemporary scenario. The staff and students progressively involve in research activities and are continually evolving. The department has crossed a decade with remarkable milestones to its credit.

The primary goal of the curriculum  of the department is to promote literacy, including technological literacy. Literacy which involves reading, writing, and critical thinking enriches personal lives. It  helps students become responsible, contributing members of a democracy; increases both self-expression and the understanding of others in a global society; and encourages life long learning. Literacy skills are essential and teachable.The faculty use both traditional and contemporary teaching methods and modern technology to prepare students for a successful career. Students leave the literature classes with improved skills that help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Approach to English Language and Literature is not purely an academic exercise. Learning is made a pleasurable activity by helping the students identify their talents and showcase their aesthetic taste. Learner centered teaching and interactive pedagogy adopted by the department optimizes knowledge acquisition and assimilation. The students trained to cater to the contemporary academic and industrial needs are placed in educational institutions and corporate sectors. Staff qualified in NET/SET offer guidance to the students to enable them to clear these eligibility tests.


Our vision is the achievement of our students blossoming into sagacious and perspicacious individuals, thereby emboldening them to face the great challenges of life and take the path of righteousness and truth.


  • Inculcate the reading habit in our students and kindle in them a flair for literature and language
  • Help the students imbibe the spirit of humanism, hone their aesthetic sense and inspire them to strive for perfection
  • Develop the all-round personality of the students through a plethora of activities

Ms. T. Sumithra

M.A., M.Phil.

Staff Name Designation Profile
Ms. T. Sumithra, M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor & Head
Ms. R. Sudha, M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor
Thiru. P. Dhanagopalan M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor
Ms. P.A. Francia,M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor


Under the aegis of the department association, LIT QUEST – the English literary association, the department organizes Guest Lecture programs, workshops and other inter departmental competitions. Dramas, mime shows, tableau shows and skits performed by students are organized under the NGMC Theatre Society YAVANIKA. Student representatives and members of the club take in charge of programs conducted in the theatre society. One of the key features of the department association is its Book Talk Forum. It creates a platform for teachers and students for discussions on books and literature related news. The students and teachers of the department contribute literary news to the news board through The News Pick Club of the department. The department association nurtures the budding talents of the students and aids them to explore the diverse fields to enhance and showcase their talents.

Calendar of Events

  • The Postgraduate department of English encourages the students to speak only in English. The implementation of this practice enables the students to develop fluency gradually.
  • The department inculcates the habit of reading in the students. They realize that the reading experience is one of the life’s greatest pleasures that open the door to cultures, knowledge and independence. This practice also seeds in them the thought that books have tremendous influence on perception, socialization and transformation of the person. The students are also encouraged to take up research writing.
  • The students attend seminars and conferences where they connect with academic personalities. The choice of resource person for guest lecture programs conducted by the department is given to the students very often.
  • With the permission of the management, the staff of the department regularly updates the reading resources in the main library of the college. This helps the PG and Research Scholars to explore literature.
  • IV-Library Visit (places of academic importance) – Students are encouraged to list their choice of libraries for yearly visit. Several visits have been successfully undertaken and have proved to be very productive.
  • One of the key features of the department is its Book Talk Forum. It creates a platform for teachers and students for discussions on books and literature related news.
  • The students and teachers of the department contribute literary news to the news board through The News Pick Club of the department, and it is elaborately discussed in the classroom.
  • The Thespian club – the department encourages the students to participate and explore the diversity of theatre and its intersection with community, culture and society. This practice helps the students to showcase their various talents in acting, directing, designing, writing, etc. and hence, the students develop physical and imaginative skills to express a broad spectrum of dramatic material.

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