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Keeping in mind the importance of our national language, this department was started on the auspicious day of 17th June 1999 headed by Tmt   D.Dhirowpathi MA.,Mphil., Today Hindi plays an important role for every Indian to lead their life. So this department was started with an aim of developing the important language skills (writing and speaking Hindi) among the youth. More over other state students also prefer to join in our college to continue their higher studies. As they are in need to choose Hindi as their second language our department satisfy their needs.


To enrich our national language and helping the students of other states to gain knowledge. We are proud that our students can communicate easily and manage any situation effectively in any part of our nation with hindi. It’s obvious that One who knows Hindi language will he able to deal effectively with other nine languages like Maruthi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Punjabi etc…..


  • Providing education to the students in bringing courage and confidence.
  • To coach the students with the best language for their facilitate.
  • To make the students interact with other state people to know them better.
  • Making students to use Hindi amidst a group by improving their confidence level.
  • Department provides specialization course in Hindi through “Hindi Prachar Sabha” (Trichy &Chennai). This is a value added course provided by our department and many students are benefitted by it.

Ms. D. Dhirowpathi

M.A., M.Phil.,

Staff Name Designation Profile
Ms. D. Dhirowpathi, M.A., M.Phil. Associate Professor & Head


Enrich.. Enlighten.. Educate

To enrich, enlighten and educate the students.

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Our department  plays a major role in enriching knowledge of Hindi among the students.


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