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The department is established with a prime motto to uplift the rural students to know the edge in the specialized field of international business. The curricula is designed and developed at regular interval, once in a year.

The PG program is catering students from multidiscipline and the course is framed in-order to fulfill the needs and wants of the students and industry as well. The subjects Accounting for Decision Making, Financial Report Analysis and Foreign Exchange Management inculcate the analytical skills while the subjects International Business Management, International Marketing Management and International Business will make the students understand the management practices and marketing aesthetics in the business.

Logistics and Freight Management, Supply Chain Management, Foreign Trade Procedures & Documentation, International Economics and International Human Resource Management will highlight the recent developing trends in the International Business. Student’s innovativeness and team work is judged in papers like Product Launch Practical’s, Map Reading & Documentation Filing Practical’s and Global Risk Management and Insurance. The research perspective of the students is analysed through Mini Industrial Project and Major Research Project.

Due to a greater demand of graduates in the field of international business, the UG program is initiated in the academic year 2017. The course content is categorized on the basic of three dimensions namely regionally, nationally and internationally. In order to meet the local challenges, the papers Elements of Management, Modern Marketing, Commercial Law and Retail Banking are designed. Banking Law and Practice, Business Taxation, Executive Communication, EXIM Management and Statistics for Business make the students nationally aware. The core papers like Export Marketing, Shipping and Ocean Freight Management, Air Cargo Management, Global Sourcing Management and EXIM Documentation Practical’s make the students Internationally strong.

Hence from the day of its inception, the department strives for the betterment, welfare and continuous growth of the student community at large


Create a new generation of global players with sense of creativity, dignity and patriotism to meet the ever-changing challenges and sustaining the purity and cultural heritage of our great nation.


  • To develop the students into confident individual’s through role play in academics and extracurricular activities
  • To ensure knowledge transfer by imparting high standards in curriculum through committed and dedicated faculty team
  • To impart knowledge based output through academia industry enhancement
  • To transform students into disciplined citizens by infusing ethical and cultural values


Dr. G. Vignesh

MIB., M. Phil., MBA., PGDCA., PGDHRM., Ph.D.

Staff Name Designation Profile
Dr. G. Vignesh, MIB., M. Phil., MBA., PGDCA., PGDHRM., Ph.D. Associate Professor & Head
Dr. N. Bhuvanesh Kumar,M. Com IB., M. Phil., MBA., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Thiru. B. Madhankumar,M. Com IB., (M. Phil) Assistant Professor
Mr. M. Prem, M. Com IB., PGDCA., (Ph.D). Assistant Professor
Dr. B. Rohini, (IB), MBA, PGDCA, M.Phil,Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Dr. R. Gayathri, M. Com, M.Phil, PGDCA, M.B.A, Ph.D., SET Associate Professor


Association Pledge

We, the member of GLOBAL GAMBIT Association, Solemnly pledge that, we will work hard for achieving the aim of, triggering into the global tycoon

We adhere to the rules and regulations of the college and we use our education and skills for the betterment of our college and our Great Nation order.

Our Motto

Focusing Beyond the Border.

MOU – Industry Academia Linkage


with which MoU is signed

Name of the

institution/ industry/

corporate houses

Year of



Duration List the actual

activities under each

MoU year wise

Number of students/teachers

participated under MoUs

Everest Academy Everest Academy 2006 Life time Communication skills
Maniranjan Diesels sales and service Maniranjan Diesels sales and service 2006 Life time Institutional training and Industrial visit. 36 students and 4 staff members
Chandran steels Chandran steels 2013 Life time In plant training, job orientation and guest lectures 50 students and 4 staff members
Exim Shipping Services India PrivateLimited. Exim Shipping Services India PrivateLimited 2014 Life time Research projects, Workshops and placements 46 students and 6 staff members
Modern spinning mills Modern spinning mills 2016 Life time In plant training 2 students

Healthy Practices

1. Title of the Practice : Student Business Card

2. Objectives of the Practice: For easy industry Accessibility.

3. The Context: Personal and Professional details of the students.

4. The Practice : Exchange of business cards with industrialist(Industrial visit, Guest Lecture)

5. Evidence of Success: Increase in industrial Linkage.

  1. Title of the Practice: Uniform Dress code
  2. Objectives of the Practice: To create uniformity among students.
  3. The Context: Blazer for PG & Formal uniform for UG
  4. The Practice: To enrich outlook of the students (Weekly once)
  5. Evidence of Success: Self confidence boosted and Morale is motivated.


  1. Title of the Practice: Birthday celebrations
  2. Objectives of the Practice: To make every student proud on the special day.
  3. The Context: To sensitize the uniqueness of individual and department as well.
  4. The Practice: Post college hours (Cake Cutting and distribution)
  5. Evidence of Success: To create harmony and memory.

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