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Academy for Professional Development

Our NGM College with a vision of providing employability is engaged in providing quality education to the rural youth and has been growing consistently spreading its wings far and wide to offer a variety of educational program under one roof for over 60 years. In the cherished history of the educational services of NGM College, comes the unique initiative, NGM-APD which comes into existence to enrich and enhance the students’ employability and empowerment. Our unique and innovative approach in training will make a student excel as an individual in the industry where he/she wants to shine. Our training begins right from the grass root level which will help moulding students in perfect shape and enable them to present and market themselves successfully.


In the cherished history of the educational services of NGM College, comes the unique initiative, NGM-APD which comes into existence to enrich and enhance the students’ employability and empowerment. It is immensely important that this programme for the students gain the job opportunity and upgrade their skill level. The management felt the increase significance of soft skills and this unique programme is being implemented to enhance and hone the latest skills of the students. In Academy for professional development, Soft Skill trainer helps in developing your skills and personality. In today’s extremely competitive world, it is imperative that an individual should have the right set of values and skills in order to progress in his/her Career. We at NGM – APD, ensure that students are trained with the right set of values and skills for a professional career start. Professional Development Training/skill orientation is given from the very first day of stepping into the college. Offered in all the six semesters of UG and four semesters of PG programme. 40 hours training is offered every semester and two hours is devoted for each class every week in all the semesters. NGM – APD certificates will be issued after the successful completion of the modules. The attendance for this orientation is made compulsory to the students.



  • Nobody learns from any limitations, it is only our ignorance.
  • Gain knowledge of yourself & get over the complex.
  • Make the right choice and put the right effort at right time.


To ensure the students get practical knowledge to fit into business and industry needs .It also focuses on the awareness of oneself and live consciously.

Thiru. Ganesan P. Arumugam

M.F.C., A.C.A.P., M.B.A., D.P.M., PGD ADV.

Staff Name Designation Profile
Thiru. Ganesan P. Arumugam, M.F.C., A.C.A.P., M.B.A., D.P.M., PGD ADV. Head Of The Department
Thiru. R. Prabakaran, M.B.A. HR – Trainer
Ms. M. Sowmiya, MBA HR – Trainer
Ms. B. Srisha, M.S.W., HR – Trainer
Dr. N. Neelakandeswari HR – Trainer
Ms. S. Sreeja HR – Trainer
Mr. M. Dhananjaya HR – Trainer


Insignia focuses qualities that a student should posses through skill based education

  • White background represents peace and purity in both mind and action.
  • Blue represents searching and learning to reach depth and wide wisdom.
  • A Man head with Multi colors denotes anthology of skill sets.
  • A bright lamp gives a colossal idea to the world to shine eternally and meant for creative technology and innovation.
  • A man with globe insights human excellence with creativity which leads to reach out the next version of world.
  • Green leaves represents Global Green Environment along with the technological improvement as focal point as eyes.
  • Slogan imparts the reengineering process of defining oneself to reach their potential with assertiveness.

Calendar of Events

Soft skills constitute an immutable need to every company’s operations. There are certain soft skills all employees of a company are expected to have regardless of level or position, in order for the company to prosper. Our Department of Academy for Professional Development is a training department to develop the soft skills .Unlike hard skills, which can be proven and measured, soft skills are intangible and difficult to quantify. Some examples of soft skills include analytical thinking, verbal and written communication, and leadership.

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management found that employers actually care more about soft skills than they do technical abilities like reading comprehension and mathematics. One reason soft skills are so revered is that they help facilitate human connections. Basically, you can be the best at what you do, but if your soft skills aren’t cutting it, you’re limiting your chances of career success.

Methodologies used in the Program:

Practical, relevant and experiential learning methodologies focus on “hand on”, ready to apply tools and techniques to augment training takeaways and long term results. Some or all of the following tools and methodologies will be used in the execution of the program and can and will vary depending on the various factors such as the nature, duration and topics of the program.

The tools used in this program are activities /Conceptual games, audio and video presentation, live demonstration, Q and A/Brain storming sessions, Case studies and questionnaires. The methodologies including the various activities deployed in the program would be customized as best possible to maximize relevance to the students’ required learning objectives and desired outcomes. The ultimate objective is to make each class Exciting, Empowering, Energizing, Entertaining and enlightening.

Salient features:

  1. NGM APD is a unique initiative to enrich and enhance the student’s employability. It ensures that students are trained with the right set of values and skills for a professional start.
  2. Training will be given as a co curriculum for entire three years in all six semesters’ graduation and also for Post Graduation level.
  3. Exclusive TCS training module combined with APD syllabus will be given to final year students (5th and 6th semester).
  4. Main aim is to train the students to get practical knowledge through experiential learning.
  5. APD focuses on interpersonal skills, communication skills and management skills as HR departments rate soft skills as some of the most valuable skills they look for when recruitment and selection.
  6. Bringing awareness to the new changing needs of the rapidly growing educational field.
  7. Making them have a sense of pride and responsibility towards themselves.
  8. High skills mastery due to pragmatic learning and personalized feedback.
  9. NGM APD conducts summer camp for school students to nurture talents.
  10. APD conducts Guest lectures and Train the Trainers programs for trainers to update themselves as well as students’ welfare.
  11. APD conducts Mock interviews for final year students so that students get ready for campus interviews.
  12. Conducting Advanced Interactive sessions on Interview process to all 3rd year students and PG students.
  13. Bridges gap between corporate and college.
  14. Soft skills training for the students to enhance employability during future campus selection.
  15. It is very hectic task for all the students to get 100% placement. The industry requires “all-rounder” who are not only good at academics but also have the soft skills required by the corporate world. As these students are the future of our nation, they can be made strong through quality soft skills training as required by the corporate world.
  16. Training the students not only to get the job but also to develop the sustainability skill.
  17. Training the faculties to improve their personal and professional skills.
  18. Taking students to the corporate level while studying college. For instance – explaining through case studies.
  19. Developing students’ innovative skills and creativity in all aspects.
  20. Making students to come out of fear and shyness after various secessions.
  21. Training them by motivation to improve their attitude, creativity.
  22. Training by various activities they learn to think and work on their own.

Training individuals to be resourceful, ethical and good communicators as per the expectations of the corporate.

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